Oct 25, 2011


Today was an extremely busy day preparing for Friday's show, but please take a look at the very best part—the perfect vintage mesh score:

front                                                                                                            back

It's exactly what I look for in one of these bags. Aside from general damage to the frame and mesh, this bag was so well-loved, used so frequently, that the back side's enamel color is almost entirely worn away. This happens as the bag rubs up against the body of the wearer over and over again. Even the front of this one is well-worn...

front                                                                                                            back
Some imperfect bags are considered damaged because they have manufacturing flaws—bubbled or crazed enamel, for example—but were never used very much. This bag's unique finish has been created over many, many years—and many, many years ago... not by some trendy, newly-applied, "distressed-style" finish, but by genuine love and enjoyment.  By being in the world!

What's left, especially when viewed up close, in small sections (as would be seen in an earring, for example...), is a field of glittering gold speckled with an abstract smattering of thrashed color.  A miniature modern masterpiece.

Headed off to clean and prepare this beauty before giving it a new look, new life, and hopefully many, many more years of love and enjoyment to come. Look for new jewelry soon!


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