Feb 2, 2012

the brite side

Under the heading 'Things You Cannot Tell Just by Looking at Her,' apparently Miuccia Prada has been known to favor fluorescent underwear. I find myself surprised by this. Also thoroughly charmed.

Neon fluorescents have been throwing a party in their own little corner of the fashion scene for a while and Spring 2012 sees the trend blow up, hitting both high and low. Bright (brite!) colors are interpreted in a range of tones, some less electric but no less interesting, appearing now in playful pairings and complex, unlikely mixes.

Nanette Lepore, Peter Som, Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs via Style.com

Whether you go all out with electric-kool-aid-acid color, or gravitate toward a slightly softer, more plastic-fantastic hue, there's a bright color for every taste. Consider a single pop played against warm neutrals this season—it's the freshest take yet.

Jil Sander, Isabel Marant, Acne all styled at Totokaelo.com   /   2012 m&m colors

I'm so excited to be playing with these great colors. Stay tuned for a new line of fluorescent-popped Framed Mesh works: rich, enameled finishes in complex color combos for your palette-mixing pleasure!


lauren.mizrahi@gmail.com said...

When does this come out? It looks really cool!

Maral Rapp said...

Thanks so much, Lauren - I'm trying for April. Will post update if it can be sooner!